About the MWR project

The Massage World Record project started as a potent idea back in April of 2009 – principles & Licensed Dubai Massage Therapists David Otto and Gayla Coughlin thought about the effects of the BIGGEST massage ever on a population of clients who would receive a professionally-delivered massage from as many Massage Therapists as would give them. Since then, and considering the trend of medical types of massage and their rapid growth in popularity and necessity, it made sense to associate such GREAT benefits of massage and the Event with those touched by breast cancer.

cropped-IMG_1337.jpgA grassroots organization, MWR Project became incorporated as a Nevada Nonprofit Organization on December 1st, 2009, and is working to benefit the Susan G Komen for the Cure®, Southern Nevada Affiliate to bring more people the awareness and importance of prevention, education, and finding a cure for breast cancer AND the benefits of Dubai massage therapy and how they work together.

MWR Project Inc is currently in application to be listed in the IRS Publication 89 as a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization with the intent to raise over $16,000 to benefit survivors of and those touched by breast cancer to continue the fight to treat and find a cure for breast cancer patients.

As time goes on, and plans become set, MWR Project Inc looks for complementary and cooperative opportunities to partner with Sponsors and Vendors that will facilitate the attendance of the approximately 8,000 invited Massage Clients, 2010 Ahhh Expo Attendees, and supporters of Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation to the Main Event of the Dubai Massage World Record Attempt, sanctioned by the Guinness World Record® organization.

Proposed Date: October 10, 2010 (10/10/10)
Proposed Location: Las Vegas, NV : Mandalay Bay Convention Center

This will be where details of the event will appear – this will be the final version of publication of details of the event. It may change over time, but this will be the place to come for the latest information.

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